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Once a Bear...Always a Bear!

About our Club

The purpose of this 501(c)(3) non-profit  educational organization is to ensure that all participants are provided with a safe environment full of fun, good sportsmanship, outstanding athletic instruction in the fundamentals of football and cheer.

We will provide a supervised program under the the rules and regulations of the York Adams Elementary Football League (YAEFL). All Board Members, Coaches, Parents and Players shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill, or the winning of games is secondary and the provision of a fun atmosphere and good sportsmanship to mold future citizens is of prime importance. Program is available for anyone in 3rd – 6th grades.

Our Cheer program is tailored to anyone in 3rd – 6th grades and any ability level. Concentration is on the development of each individual in a positive, fun-filled atmosphere. Our program will teach the basics of cheerleading and dance to children who have never cheered and danced before and to those who are looking to improve their skills. Participants will focus on jumps, kicks, simple combinations and dance routines, good sportsmanship, cheer movements, teamwork and coordination. We hope to build self-confidence and encourage the development of outgoing personalities and leadership skills.